20th Year Anniversary

LALALA Matsuri

with Ramen Yokocho

Celebrating the Japanese Community in LA!!!

Thanks to all of your support, we can fortunately mark our 20th anniversary. And we are thrilled that it’s our turn now to bring something exciting back to the community. So, we are hosting this MATSURI event, where you can find more than 50 booths that would introduce Japanese food and culture, fun stage performance, music, and more! In “Ramen Yokocho” section, we are inviting popular ramen shops from LA, Las Vegas, and even Japan. Join us and eat! Enjoy! Have fun!

Booth introduction

Event place map

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5月14日(SUN) 11AM - 8PM

Torrance Cultural Arts Center

3330 Civic Center Dr. Torrance, CA 90503



  • 11:00am Asano Taiko
  • 11:20am Pom Pom Girls
  • 11:50am Mana Dance Class
  • 12:15pm Chicken Blow The Idol
  • 12:50pm TERRY ITO
  • 1:20pm   LAXPD Yuri
  • 1:50pm   Dance Space AI Vibration
  • 2:50pm   NAOYUKI HONDA
  • 3:20pm   Crossing Rain
  • 4:00pm   Chicken Blow The Idol
  • 4:30pm   TERRY ITO
  • 5:00pm   KENICHI MIKAWA
  • 5:50pm   Mutsumi Kai
  • 6:10pm   Team Kawachi ondo







Special guest


Terry Ito

Terry Ito has produced numerous hit TV shows and commercials as a director, and is active in multiple fields, including TV and radio appearances and writing. Since April 2011, he has been writing a regular column “Tokyo Channel” for Weekly LALALA. In this column, he introduces a wide range of topics including sports, entertainment, social topics, fashion, gourmet food, and his own hobbies.

Kenichi Mikawa

Since his debut in Japan in 1965, Kenichi Mikawa has been active as a singer, actor, and TV personality, performing in concerts, on stage, and on TV. He has performed at Keiro senior healthcase home, local concert halls, and restaurants / bars by the beach. He currently lives in LA and enjoys a dual life between Japan and LA. He is also a familiar face in Weekly LALALA interviews!



She first came to the U.S. as an international student from Japan and now became a U.S. citizen. She entered the LAPD Academy in 2014 and graduated 6 months. She is an active police officer patrolling LA. She also founded a non-profit organization to prevent human trafficking, and provides live information from crime scenes through social media and YouTube. She also writes a column in LALALA “Tweets of officer YURI” and answers questions from readers.

Crossing Rain

Crossing Rain

Crossing Rain is a boy group debuted in Hawaii. Their music genre is called “H-POP” which stands for “H”awaiian pop. They hope to bring hope and dreams of ALOHA to people all over the world with their songs and dances.



Chicken Blow The Idol is a idol group of 4 girls debut on September 26, 2021. Their concept is “timid and wimpy girls using music as a weapon to strike a wimpy blow”. Four wimpy girls create a one-of-a-kind world view. They are currently challenging the world!


Naoyuki Honda

Owner & CEO of Leverage Consulting Inc.
He Has been leading many companies in many fields as an IT Strategy position. For example expanding 15M sales to 100M sales. He has released his books and they all achieved big sales. People call him a pioneer who runs first in a trend. With LALALA, he has held seminars and talk shows.


Ramen Booth introduction


9 Style Ramen

9 Style Signature Garlic Tonkotsu

Opened two years ago in the surfing town of San Clemente, the restaurant has gained support from the locals and is rapidly growing in popularity with fans traveling from Irvine and San Diego. The broth with outstanding flavor is prepared for over 6 hours with dashi stock. Signature’s “Garlic Tonkotsu” can be enjoyed at the festival!


Kitakata Ramen Ban Nai

Kitakata Ramen

Long-established and popular restaurant serving “Kitakata Ramen”, one of the three major ramen in Japan. The secret to the delicious taste is light seasoned soup with rich flavor, created by slowly cooking of pork bones. “Flat aged noodles with a high water ratio” featuring soft and tender grilled pork.


Daikokuya Ramen

Daikokuya Ramen Daikokuya Spicy Ramen

Long-established ramen restaurant in LA with a long queue. It now offers “Daikoku Ramen” and “Daikokuya Spicy Ramen”! The pork bone broth features condensed rich flavor, and the spicy miso is fabulous. The toppings, such as juicy chashu and flavored eggs, are also gorgeous. Worth waiting in line to try.


Kashiwa Ramen x Hide Chan Ramen

30th Anniversary Special Maze-men, Mentaiko Espuma

Celebrating the 30th anniversary, “Kashiwa Ramen × Hide chan Ramen Special Mixed Noodles” is made with browned butter & shoyu, chicken, and spicy cod roe form on top. The fluffy spicy cod roe form goes well with the noodle, perfectly seasoned with the butter and shoyu. Their ramen is constantly evolving with respect for traditions. Enjoy the first collaboration between the two sister restaurants!


Laki Ramen


Laki Ramen is a new ramen restaurant opening in Mid City in LA. Chef Niki will be serving a bowl of her new creation: the noodles are entwined with a rich chicken baitang broth made from slowly simmering chicken, giving the savory soy sauce flavor and the sweetness of the chicken.


Munchie Ken

Garlic Shrimps Mazemen

Munchie Ken provides mazemen (dry noodles), a shrimp noodle mixed a thick shrimp broth extracted by many shrimps in olive oil with shrimp oil and topping it with garlic shrimps. It is tasty and refreshing shrimp flavor with cilantro or green onion and squeezed lemons. This dish makes you find that it focuses on shrimps.



AMBER・GARNET-Vegan Option Available-・SPICY GARNET-Vegan Option Available-

RAKKAN Ramen’s story begins in 2011 as a small, four-seater ramen bar in Tokyo. In 2017, they opened the first overseas location in Los Angeles, with having set “to spread authentic Japanese ramen to the world” as a goal. RAKKAN’s speciality is the healthy broth made out of its original fermented seasonings and vegetables. Try the real taste that has been recognized as one of the best ramens in Japan.


Haru chan

Chuka Soba

Haru chan Ramen, winner of the “Michelin Guide Tokyo 2023 Bib Gourmand” award and highly evaluated by fans and connoisseurs, offers Showa-style “Chinese noodles”. The medium-thin flat noodles popular among the connoisseurs features soup based on the delicious flavor of pork, and outstanding combination of chashu and sauce. Enjoy it to the fullest.


Ramen Nagi

SUGOI Niboshi Ramen

Ramen Nagi continues to pursue a taste that everyone feels “amazing”. “The soup is all about the broth, the source of the flavor. “Knowing the very essence of the ingredients’ flavor is the pride of a master ramen chef. Enjoy Japan’s best “Niboshi ramen” created by tremendous passion and effort.


Shogun Ramen

Shogun Ramen

“Authentic and innovative” are two words to describe Shogun Ramen in Las Vegas. As the name implies, it values traditions of Japanese food while pursuing an insatiable appetite for newness. The ever-evolving restaurant offers nostalgic but new “Shogun Ramen”. The ramen with umami broth you’ll savor to the last drop.


Tsujita LA

Tonkotsu Ramen, Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen

“Tsujita LA” is the popular ramen restaurant in LA that has captured the hearts of ramen connoisseurs who are willing to wait in line or drive the freeway. The pork bone ramen featuring spicy leaf mustard is loaded with toppings such as homemade chashu. Come early to try it!


831Tokyo Ramen


831Tokyo Ramen is the newly opened ramen shop in Hollywood, serves delicious vegan ramen (also non-vegan ramen) and healthy appetizers using lots of vegetables on the side. It’s a must-try and an unforgettable ramen that’s unlike any others!

Food Booth introduction

Bun Geiz_海鮮丼3

Bun Geiz Corporation

Assorted Seafood Rice Bowl & Beef Tongue Curry

Bun Geiz Corporation, a Lo Angeles-based company that operates Japanese restaurants including Kisen, Izakaya Tonchinkan, Sushi Yamamoto.They will offer Seafood Bowl topped with fresh seafood imported from Japan, and Tonchinkan’s Beef Tongue Curry with rich umami flavor.



Mitarashi Dango

How about Mitarashi dango dumplings? You might have seen on Demon Slayer. Its sticky and fluffy mochi exquisitely flavored with a slightly sweet soy sauce glaze. The chef said they were a big hit at another festival in LA. With a bite of this mitarashi dango making you feel like you are in a dream.


Amami-ya Baby Castella

Amamiya Parfait Baby Castella + Whipped Cream Baby Castella

Baby Castella is casual sweets from west side of Japan. It made with flour, sweet rice flour, sugar, and egg. Cute bite-size castella cake is sweet and fluffy, loved by all ages. In addition to regular babe castella, they will be offering Amamiya parfait topped with lots of whipped cream.




The Hondaya Group, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, has two restaurants in OC (HONDA-YA and KAPPO HONDA), offering over 300 Japanese dishes, and opening until midnight. Their anniversary special Hondaya Beer is only sold at the restaurants. The popular Yakisoba and Honda-ya’s Homemade Gyoza, and original goods will be sold at the festival!


Apple by Hachi-ya

Candy Apple/Strawberries/Grapes・Chocolate Banana・Tofu Doughnuts from Ring・Ramune Soda・Cream Soda

Candy apples are a nostalgic and familiar Japanese festival food! At this festival, you can enjoy candy strawberries and candy grapes. The candied fruits are sweet and photogenic like glasswork. There are also chocolate bananas and tofu doughnuts that you can easily eat while walking. For drinks, how about ramune soda or cream soda?




Kagura is one of the most popular tonkatsu in LA. The crispy, fluffy and juicy tonkatsu are outstanding not only freshly fried, but also as a takeaway. The special “Katsu Sandwich,” a very delicious tonkatsu sandwiched in a fluffy bread, will be on sale at the festival!


Kuramoto Shavery / M’s Crepe

Shaved ice from Kuramoto Shavery, Crepe from M’s Crepe

Kuramoto Shavery offers fluffy shaved ice using Kanazawa’s clear ice made over 48-hours. Syrups, sauces, and whipped cream are all homemade. Enjoy the shaved ice with specialties. Also, it is M’s crepe that offers a harmony of crispy pie crust and fluffy crepes made by sticky dough, fresh fruits, and handmade gentle whipped cream!


LA musubi

Yakiniku, Tamaen Bibimbap, Sweet red bean paste, Wasabi mayo, California

“LA Musubi” was launched in TAMAEN Japanese BBQ Gardena to serve Japanese Omusubi (rice balls) with love. Their musubi is always fresh out of kitchen for the best taste! You will meet your favorite musubi among wide variety of menu from standard spam musubi to unique musubi.

Myojo_hiyashi chuka mazesoba



[Fresh Noodles★Myojo USA] MYOJO will be serving Mazesoba, a soupless ramen. MYOJO proudly manufacturing noodles for over 30 years! They are Japanese noodle manufacturing company producing freshly crafted authentic Japanese ramen, yakisoba, udon, soup base, gyoza/wonton wrappers for restaurants and supermarkets since 1991.

Oriental Breeze​

Oriental Breeze

Tornado Potato

“Oriental Breeze”, a Japanese restaurant on the sea at Redondo Beach Pier, offers Tornado potatoes. The speciality is its “freshly made on the spot”! This Tornado potatoes are also unique in appearance, with the potatoes’ skin skewered in a spiral shape and deep fried. How about enjoying the festival stage while filling your mouth with this freshly food?


Catering Shin Sen Gumi

Yakitori : Miyazaki Wagyu Chuck Eye Log, Prime Beef Skirt, Beef Tongue, Grilled Whole Squid, Pork Belly, Corn, Chicken Thigh, Chicken Meatball

“Shin-Sen-Gumi Yakitori”, which celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2022, is very popular at various events in LA, OC, and other states! Besides authentic yakitori slowly grilled over charcoal by skilled chef, you can enjoy different atmosphere and taste under the blue sky including powerful grilled squid, grilled corn that both adults and children like, and very popular A5-rank Miyazaki wagyu beef skewers available only at events!


Otafuku Foods


The soul food that cannot be missed at Japanese festivals is “Okonomiyaki”, filled with lots sauce. At the festival, the best okonomiyaki made with Otafuku sauce, the pride of Otafuku Foods from Hiroshima, will be served. With spatulas, Otafuku’s trained chefs prepare hot okonomiyaki, which sizzles on the griddle with an appetizing sound. Please enjoy it with plenty mild sweet sauce.


Morinaga America, Inc.

FREE Chargel

Chargel, a Morinaga America’s jelly drink, is provided for free! It is perfect for refreshments or refilling your energy. It is safe for all generations because of caffeine-free and Japan-made drinks. The fruity taste from the “Hi-Chew” maker has been popular! Please visit the festival booth to taste it once.


Wismettac Asian Foods

Shirakiku Products

Shirakiku brand is a long beloved food brand started in North America since 1947. The brand started in the Japanese American and Asian markets in the U.S., and has expanded across the U.S., becoming popular in grocery stores and restaurants, and now worldwide. Shirakiku’s products will be displayed and sold at the festival booth.


Takoyaki Yamachan

Takoyaki・Takoyaki Sandwich

Yama-chan’s takoyaki recipe is one of the famous throughout Japan and is arguably the best version out. A takoyaki is made up of four main parts: the slightly crispy shell, doughy inside and a piece of tako (octopus) tucked inside and of course, the topping that range from traditional to creative (think cheese and/or kimchi).



Drinkable Tiramisu

“Drinkable tiramisu specialty shop” opened in May of this year. It features a delightful combination of crushed coffee jelly and rich mascarpone cheese cream thus offering a sophisticated treat with a perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness.

Alcohol Booth introduction


Asahi Beer

Enjoy Japan’s #1 selling beer brand – Asahi Super Dry with a crisp, clean and refreshing taste and try their new non-alcoholic lager – Asahi Super Dry 0.0% that won’t settle for anything less than superior quality.



CHOYA is the world’s No.1 Umeshu (plum wine) company with over 100 years of history, expertly crafting Umeshu and Japanese originated flavor beverages. They will be serving “Uji Green Tea” “Yuzu” “The CHOYA Original Sparkling Wine” at the Matsuri event.



iichiko Shochu is the native spirit of Japan – a white spirit that’s incredibly rich in flavor, yet smooth and easy to drink with food. At the event, Cocktail made with Iichiko Seirin barley will be served.


Kirin Brewery of America

Do you know that America’s first squeeze is made in the United States? On the day of the festival, the freshest first squeeze from LA will be served in a special “frozen (draft)” form! Discover and enjoy “Kirin Ichiban (draft + frozen foam)”!



Uncompromising sake brewing by a Yamagata prefecture’s sake brewery, clear and high quality with the flavor of rice, and local sake brewed with YamadaNishiki rice, both produced in Yamagata and other prefectures. In addition to Rokkasen’s “Time and Effort Sampler” and “Yamagata Sake Sweet and Dry Tasting Sampler,” specialty products such as Tsuyahime and Yamagata soba noodles are also available.


Sapporo Beer

Sapporo Premium Beer has been one of the top selling Japanese-brand beers for over 30 years. Refreshing, edgy and clean taste beer goes perfectly well with all kinds of dishes! Try this at the event and enjoy!



“The Premium Malt’s,” SUNTORY’s signature beer, provides a flowery aroma and deep-reaching rich flavor. The creamy form that is floating on the surface gives tremendous beer experience. 

Non Food Booth introduction


Aculeafs Acupuncture

Beginning with the perspective of oriental medicine, “Aculeafs Acupuncture” is popular for its treatment with acupuncture and moxibustion, and Chinese herbal medicine. Offers “jewelry ear acupuncture points” for trial and sale. Introduction and sale of Kongjintan, and Chinese herbal ointments for eczema, rashes, burns, and insect bites.


Kenkou Kazoku

“Garlic Egg Yolk (62 capsules)”, Japan’s No.1 garlic nourishing health food in sales for 20 consecutive years. Cumulative sales have exceeded 150 million bags! Inheriting the wishes of the founder, Shosuke Honda, after 30 years of its launch, Kenko Kazoku makes “Organic Garlic” with great care. Enjoy a vibrant everyday life.

Ramen Festival - TNC insurance agency - 1

Medicare/Obamacare Consultation -TNCIA

There is a fun event of “Spin the Wheel! ★Win an Amazon Gift Card!” Licensed sales agent will be on hand to provide quick advice and information about Medicare and Obamacare. Visit the booth and get more information!

Lalala Event Ad (600 × 400 px) - 1


As the largest company of the hair coloring industry in Japan, it is well known under the product name, “Bigen”, not only in Japan but also in the United States! “Hoyu” offers a wide range of hair color products. At the festival booth, hair color products will be on sale. You may find your favorite color!

Aroma Head Spa and Karuta Nails

Aroma Head Spa and Karuta Nails

Collaboration booth of Aroma Head Spa and Karuta! At the festival, on-site nail services are available by advance reservation, and walk in reception is available in your spare time. Gel nails, normally $45, will be offered at the event price of $40. Discount flyers will be distributed, so stop by!



“SKYGO WIFI” booth will appear at the festival! Roulette for prizes, explanation of WIFI products, and same-day discount applications will be offered. SKYGO, which has changed the concept of conventional WiFi, offers a secure connection and high-speed communication. Available in more than 100 countries, unlimited data and reasonable price.



Join the lottery to win「Double Eyelid Surgery $1000 Coupon」「Pico Toning Laser」「DEP Facial」and more! Popcorn will be provided to challengers(limited quantity, first come first serve)!


“Salon de KIREI” offers healing and beauty through carefully selected services in a completely private and elegant space. The “KIREI” booth at the festival offers Japanese Gel Nail Experience, Eyelash Extension, Lift Simple Experience, and beauty product sales. Get your beauty at the festival.



“Suzaku” deals in beautiful Japanese tableware produced by traditional Japanese crafts such as Imariyaki, Gyokko-gama, Genzangama, etc., including sake cups and tea utensils. On the day of the festival, the store will sell valuable items such as kyusu (teapots), utensils, kimonos, tea sets, and goods by Japanese designers.


SSR Custom Print/ Victory Home Service

Create one and only T-shirt to save your memory at SSR Custom Print/ Victory Home Service booth! Bring your favorite pictures of your family, friends, pets, logo, or any images that you would like to have on your original T-shirt!



“Puzzle&Co.” offers quality products such as well-designed jigsaw puzzles, trading cards, and figurines. The festival booth will feature “Original Design Puzzles” with patented clear materials, no glue required, and beautiful artistic finishes!


JP Capsule Toy Spot

The largest Gacha Gacha Store in the US! Encounter a spectacular view of beautifully aligned Gacha Gacha machines outside. It will entertain you with 150+ capsule toys varying from Anime, Kawaii, Animal, to Gadget. Get your own capsule!


dLibrary Japan

“dLibrary Japan” is a video distribution service of NHK Cosmomedia America, which operates TV JAPAN. It offers a full lineup of Japanese dramas, movies, variety shows, documentaries, animations, and children’s programs! Come visit our booth!


Nikkei America, Inc.

Nikkei America, Inc. supports information gathering for business people in the US through “Nikkei Online Edition Pro ( )”, an information service for corporate customers. Please visit our booth to experience the service in person.


Good fortune channeling by White-Witch Tomoe

Offers advice on love, marriage, finances, work, health, and life through channeling. Aura diagnosis. Aura sprays, good luck items, and more will be available to purchase. Workshops (reservations required, same-day slots available in some cases).


JR East

Stop by and enjoy fun for the whole family. For adults, you can get info on Japan rail travel, rail passes, and sightseeing in the eastern part of Japan, including Tohoku, Niigata, Nagano, and other areas. Kids can get their “kawaii” (cute) plastic train model running on its track, as well as Shinkansen coloring pages!


Kiddleton, Inc.

A “claw crane” appears at the festival! By inserting coins and operating a toy claw, you can grab various prizes such as stuffed animals and snacks. Can you get the item you are looking for? Let’s try it together!



“Altasciences”, a clinical trial organization, distributes raffles and offers prizes to visitors at this LALALA’s 20th anniversary festival event. If you are interested in Altasciences, please stop by for the survey.


United Airlines

“Bonus Mile Campaign” by United Airlines to commemorate the launch of the Los Angeles to Haneda route is available now! Eligible itinerary is from 3/25 to 6/15. Campaign application deadline is 7/15. We will introduce this campaign, and special promotions of the flights for Hanada at the festival booth!


Kokedama by Kodama Forest

Kokedama (Ko Kay Da Ma) can be translated to Moss-ball Plant. A Kokedama artist makes a ball with soil and lets the plant grow its roots inside. It is a beautiful living art which gives a peaceful and calm mind to people. And this cute little kokedamas can be a good addition as house decor.



Japanese Idol group, CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL will be performing at the main stage. And also will be appearing at the booth to see all of you! Meet four members, get their autographs and merchandise!



Multiservice kimono photo studio by kimono spcialist/costume designer Sueko Oshimoto and photographer Kentaro Terauchi, who handle kimono and costume designs for Hollywood movies and commercials. At booth, books, Obi Musubi, yukata and Kimono will be sold.

Time Concept

Time Concept

Time Concept booth will be selling home goods, usable daily goods, and knick-knacks! Picnic blanket, mini table, umbrella, and more from Japan. Bring your own bag and visit to shop items that you probably cannot get in the US.


Crossing Rain

H-POP boy group, Crossing Rain will be bringing their merch! Tshirts, Album PhotoBook, “This Is” EP CD in Crystal Case,  Bucket Hats, PhotoCards, and Stickers! Get one for your memory. Also, don’t miss their stage performance!


JETRO Los Angeles

JETRO Los Angeles aims to be the bridge of the food between Los Angeles and Japan by supporting the food exportation. At the booth, JETRO will be introducing flowers imported from Japan.


Hawaii Business Mode

Naoshi Uchida is the CEO of Hundred Dreams, Inc., known as the Digital Marketing professional. He also teaches and leads the online courses for success in an online business field. Get advice about your business at the booth!



A lottery where everyone wins something! Don’t miss it because there are only 1000 prizes. First come first serve! You’ll win: Angeles Pair Ticket(seats behind home plate), Free Ramen Gift card, Andy Hiro’s writing your name in Japanese Calligraphy ($10~ All proceeds will be donated to the Torrance Police), and more!



“Scooping Game” is one of the most popular game for both kids and adults that you definitely see in the Japanese Matsuri. Using a thin and vulnerable paper scoop, you’ll catch goldfish, mini balls, and balloons from a water tank.


The Rafu Mutsumi Kai

There will be festival mask at The Rafu Mutsumi Kai booth! Festival mask is an essential and fun part of Japanese traditional matsuri. You might not want to miss it! The Rafu Mutsumi Kai will do the Mikoshi parade!

Stage Performers


Team Kawachi Ondo

“Team Kawachi Ondo” are BonOdori dance group, established in 2018, has been actively performing at popular Matsuri in LA & OC areas. The members are from Kansai Club and anyone who likes Bon dance, singers, guitarists, drums, and dancers in Yukata. Let’s dance together!

Dance Space AI Vibration

Dance Space AI Vibration

Dance group of 100 members from 6-year-old kids to 17-year-old teens. Classes are held in Torrance, Glendale, and also started in Irvine this January. The group is growing in size and power every year, and they look forward to performing at matsuri stage!


The Pom Pom Girls

The Pom Pom Girls are a dance and cheerleading group of Japanese American kids from 1st grades through 8th. Every Saturday, they practice very hard to perform fun and cheerful performance. The Pom Pom Girls’ energetic dances and stunts are a must-see!



ASANO TAIKO U.S., Inc. was established in 2013 and is based in Torrance, California. They are a full-service taiko facility, selling taiko related products and offering taiko classes for all levels. They actively perform at many community events.


The Rafu Mutsumi Kai

Since its foundation in 1994, The Rafu Mutsumi Kai has been actively working to expand the deep or hidden side of Japanese tradition and culture. They will bring the “Mikoshi” (Portable shrine) to do the Mikoshi parade, which is Japanese Matsuri’s main event. The Rafu Mutsumi Kai has been appearing at NISEI Week in Little Tokyo, Matsuri in Torrance, Las Vegas, and many other places to spread the Mikoshi beauty.


Mana Dance Class

Mana Ikeda, a dancer based in LA leads the class in maily Torrance. Every Thursday, She has three different level classes at 4pm, 5pm, and 6pm. Open for private lessons as well.




The popular bookstore from Japan. Kinokuniya is one of the Japan fans’ TO-GO spots who sells books, magazines, comics, and Japanese stationery.


Kikkoman Sales USA

Kikkoman is one of the best popular soy sauce company from Japan. They will be giving out the 「PEARL® Organic Soymilk Smart Unsweetened」(8 fl oz)for free.


JELA(Japan Executive Limousine Associates)

Japan Executive Limousine was founded in 1989 with the intent to provide exclusive limousine and chauffeured car services to Japanese visitors and companies. JELA works in cooperation with Daito Group, the company from Fukuoka, Japan.









Since 2003. Japanese Free magazine/newspaper, distributed 30,000 copies weekly in mainly the Los Angeles area and the Las Vegas area. For 20 years, the magazine has been conveying essential information to Japanese people who live in America, from US/JAPAN news to Lifestyle, Entertainment, Gourmet, and more.